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Your partner for direct participation in oil & gas exploration and production
Welcome to Red Rock Energy Partners. As a privately owned company based in Texas, we are proud to offer well-qualified investors the opportunity to participate in oil and gas projects through direct capital investments.

In our current economy, few investments offer the return that strong oil and gas investments can deliver. For the right investor, oil and gas investments can be an important part of a portfolio – often resulting in excellent cash flow and significant tax advantages for years to come.

Since 2001, Red Rock Energy Partners has drilled numerous successful oil and gas wells in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas, and is proud to contribute to America's energy market. With some of the industry’s leading petroleum geologists, geophysicists, drilling crews and engineers behind us, Red Rock adheres to a very stringent selection process – increasing our potential for success.

More so, Red Rock maintains a majority stake in every oil and gas project we own – allowing for a unique Parallel Partnership Drilling Investment model. So our success is your success.